Welcome to the Scarlett Style File, a personal and passion-driven blog owned and curated by myself, Scarlett. My foray into skincare is driven by my genuine enthusiasm and commitment to share my personal journey, discoveries, and insights into skincare products and routines.

My Philosophy:

The content shared on Scarlett Style File is spawned from my own experiences, research, and opinions. Integrity and authenticity stand as the cornerstone of this blog. Rest assured, my opinions are not influenced by monetary incentives. This platform is an extension of my personal explorations in skincare, aiming to connect with a community that values sincerity and in-depth analysis.

Please Consider: I am not a skincare professional, dermatologist, or licensed esthetician. My recommendations and insights are based on personal experiences and should not replace professional advice. For specific skin concerns or conditions, consulting with a qualified healthcare provider is always recommended.

Compensations and Partnerships:

Should Scarlett Style File engage in partnerships or receive compensations, all such instances will be transparently disclosed. Adhering to the principle of honesty, any form of compensation will not sway the content, topics, or opinions expressed on this blog. I reserve the right to feature products or experiences based on their alignment with my personal interests and the value they may offer to my readers.


Products featured on Scarlett Style File may at times be press samples or gifts from brands or their representatives. Any product received under such circumstances does not guarantee a review, nor does it oblige me to portray the product in a favorable light. My commitment is to honesty, providing my genuine perspective based on my usage of the product. Should a product be featured that was received as a sample or gift, this will be clearly indicated to maintain transparency with my readers.


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