Fun Facts

Get to know me better through my most commonly asked questions! 

My personal struggles with skin issues ignited my passion for skincare and fueled my quest for knowledge in the field.

Yes, I was on the path to becoming a doctor, but life’s twists led me to pivot towards a career as a pilot. Personal matters prompted the change, redirecting my journey toward new horizons and passions.

Believe it or not, my full-time gig is soaring the skies as a pilot at FedEx. Navigating fashion trends and cruising at 35,000 feet – because why limit yourself to just one passion?

Every article undergoes rigorous fact-checking by my fiancé, a board-certified dermatologist, ensuring that you receive trustworthy information. Additionally, drawing from my medical school training, I apply the knowledge instilled in me to conduct thorough research, further bolstering the reliability of the content I share.

It’s all about efficient time management and a passion for both pursuits. Flying keeps me grounded, while skincare blogging allows me to soar creatively

Commitment to authenticity, backed by my firsthand experiences with skincare struggles and the expertise of a board-certified dermatologist.

Consistency is key! Establishing a simple yet effective skincare routine tailored to your skin’s needs can yield remarkable results over time.

Continuous learning is essential. I stay updated through research, attending conferences, and collaborating with industry experts. Living with a man who’s obsessed with my skin’s health (not that I’m complaining) and breathes dermatology adds an extra layer of insight. Combining his expertise with my own research ensures that I bring you the most current and accurate skincare information.

Don’t lose hope! Seek professional guidance, stay patient, and remember that skincare is a journey. You’re not alone in this !! Need more guidance? Check out my blog for expert tips on transforming troubled skin and discovering the right products tailored to your needs!

The misconception that you need a complex, expensive skincare routine for flawless skin. Sometimes, less is more!

Self-care is non-negotiable for me. Whether it’s a quick skincare ritual or a rejuvenating flight, prioritizing self-care is essential for overall well-being.