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Good morning, In today’s article, we are going to talk about all the bullshit skincare products that you do not need in your life. I’m going to try to make this one short and sweet and simple, but let’s be real, it’s not just the so-called “clean beauty” sector that irks me with its exaggerated marketing and fear tactics. It’s a broader issue within the beauty industry itself, convincing you that your skincare routine requires an endless array of steps and tools for flawless skin. But truth be told, that’s just not the case. so let’s get into the Top 7 Skincare Products You Don’t Need !!

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Top 7 Skincare Products You Don't Need!
Top 7 Skincare Products You Don’t Need!


Top 7 Skincare Products You Don't Need

What in the world is a toner? Seriously, what even is it? According to Wikipedia, it’s a lotion or wash meant to clean the skin and make pores appear smaller. Allure says it’s a quick-absorbing liquid that hydrates the skin. And now, apparently, it adds a protective layer too? It’s like everyone has a different definition. So, I went to the expert – my spouse, who happens to be a board-certified dermatologist – and even he couldn’t give a straight answer. Turns out, a toner is whatever a company decides it is.

Do you really need it in your skincare routine? Nope. Take witch hazel, for instance, a common toner ingredient that can be harsh on sensitive skin. I’ve yet to meet someone with flawless skin thanks to witch hazel.

So, are toners necessary? Absolutely not. take this one I bought a few years ago , it claims to do everything from cleansing to moisturizing to balancing your skin’s pH. Sounds like a jack-of-all-trades, right? But then it says it refines pores and fades dark spots. Is it a serum now? It’s all just confusing.

Bottom line: toners are probably not worth the hype.

2. Face scrubs

You really don’t need to use scrubs. You don’t need a scrub in your life as well as you don’t need a scrub on your face. You don’t need a scrub in every sense of the word, okay?

Scrubs can be pretty harsh on your skin. They might even cause tiny tears that can lead to inflammation and make your skin look worse over time. Same goes for those rollers with little needles – they’re risky too. So, if you’re into DIY skincare like micro-needling or using scrubs, you might want to think twice. They’re not really necessary, and you’re better off skipping them. Oh, and the same goes for lip scrubs too, just so you know.

3. Lip scrubs

People often think that using lip scrubs helps when their lips are dry. I used to think that too and even got hooked on them for a while. But then I realized they actually make things worse. You see, our skin has layers. When you scrub the top layer, it exposes the next one, which can become rough. So you try to scrub that layer, and it just keeps going, never leaving your lips smooth. So, like TLC famously said, it’s best to avoid scrubs, whether they’re for your face or lips.

4. Sheet facial masks

Woman In White Robe With White Face Mask

Do we really need to use sheet masks just once for applying skincare products? The answer is no. They’re a total waste because they’re not eco-friendly. The material they’re made of is thick and doesn’t break down easily, so it’s bad for the environment when we throw them away after a single use. Plus, they don’t really do much for your skin that a serum couldn’t do on its own.

Instead of using sheet masks, you can simply apply serum with your fingers or even use a damp paper towel as a makeshift face mask at home. Also, those masks that claim to contain collagen for firming your skin? Well, here’s the thing: collagen molecules are too big to actually sink deep into your skin, so they don’t really help much.

So, using sheet masks is like a double whammy of wastefulness.

5. Hyaluronic acid – pro inflammatory and drying

Hyaluronic acid, often talked about like it’s the ultimate acid, but let’s get real here. Some brands claim their hyaluronic acid serums can make your face look super young and bouncy. But honestly, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. If you haven’t already, check out my article on hyaluronic acid to learn more and see through the hype.

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Not all HAs are the same. When you see ‘hyaluronic acid’ on a product label, it doesn’t tell you much about its quality. Some brands use a type with very low molecular weight, which can actually irritate your skin. So, you don’t necessarily need a special serum or face mask just for HA.

Here’s the thing: sodium hyaluronate, which is a form of HA, is in almost every skincare product out there. Seriously, like 9 out of 10 products have it. So, you don’t have to go hunting for specific HA products like serums, masks, or moisturizers. They’re everywhere!

I get it, you might think you need all these HA products for amazing skin, but trust me, you don’t. They won’t magically fix everything. So, save your money and stick to products you actually need. Got it?

6. Pore strip

The pore strip! Everyone’s crazy about it because it seems to yank out all those blackheads, but hold your horses, it’s not a victory. Think of it like forcefully removing stuff from your skin, almost like waxing your nose. I bet my first born that’s gonna be the new trend on tiktok soon but , that’s not the point.

What these strips really do is only deal with the surface gunk in your pores, the stuff that naturally builds up from oils and skin renewal that’s literally so normal to have that (don’t stress too much about it).

Having a good skincare routine can gradually reduce the look of your pores. Quick fixes won’t actually help your skin in the long term. When you squeeze or pull at your pores, you can make them bigger over time. So, remember, what seems good for now might not be good for later.

7. Facial roller

And finally, the best thing I saved for last.

Let’s talk about face rollers. Whether it’s made of jade, quartz, moonstone, or steel, it doesn’t really matter. People hype these rollers up, but honestly, they’re not all that.

I hear stories from my partner about patients swearing by face rolling, thinking it’ll magically fix their under-eye circles and bags. But truth is, rolling your face won’t do much except maybe give you a nice massage and help with puffiness. If you’ve had a wild night out (which, Lord knows, I haven’t had in a long time) or indulged in too much alcohol, a roller might help with that. But it’s not a miracle worker.

Sure, it feels good, but let’s not buy into all the claims. Some say it promotes serenity and reduces dark circles, but that’s a stretch. And the idea that it enhances the effectiveness of skincare products? Probably not.

As for toning facial muscles, most of us are already pretty expressive, so we’re constantly working those muscles anyway. A roller won’t make much of a difference there.

Honestly, you could skip the fancy roller and just use a long spoon. It feels pretty much the same, and you’ll save some money. Or if you’re into jade and have allergies, just use Flonase instead. And if you don’t have a long spoon, a regular spoon works fine too.

So, after breakfast, give yourself a little face massage with a spoon. It’s just as good as a roller, and you won’t waste your time or money on something that’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

The Bottom Line

I hope you liked reading this article. I wrote it not to criticize things, but because I often feel uncomfortable when people ask me questions like, “Should I use a toner?” or “Why am I not using a toner?” or “Should I use a hyaluronic acid serum?”

Trust me, you don’t need a hyaluronic acid serum. And as for using a face mask after applying products to help them sink in better? Nope, you don’t need to do that either. Honestly, I don’t use any of these things on my skin.

Feel free to leave any questions or feedback in the comments. I truly value my readers’ input.

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