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Top 8 Skincare Mistakes You Must Avoid for Healthy Skin

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Hello everyone, today I’m going to cover the eight biggest skincare mistakes that you guys are making.

Why? Because a lot of sales are coming up, and I do not want you guys spending your money stupidly and wastefully. Very honestly, I want to make sure that you guys feel empowered and understand before you go and spend your paychecks on skincare and the latest and greatest, hoping for a miracle when that miracle is never going to come.

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Top 8 Skincare Mistakes You Must Avoid for Healthy Skin

Mistake #1: Ignoring Your Skin’s Primary Concern:

Top 8 Skincare Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

One of the biggest mistakes I often observe is people having skincare routines without a clear focus. I remember making this mistake myself when I was younger. For instance, I once asked my mom why she was using an exfoliating acid, a toner with exfoliating acids, a serum, a hydrating serum, a moisturizer, plus an occlusive and an oil, I vividly recall her looking at me with a blank stare. I swear, I kid you not; she looked at me with a blank stare.

And when I asked about her goals with this routine, she simply responded, “Not aging.” And I’m like, “Yeah, good luck with that,” because that’s not going to happen.

Having a skincare routine tailored to address your skin’s specific concerns is crucial. Now, I understand a lot of people have many different problems happening at the same time. But if you have a skincare routine trying to tackle all these different problems at once from the get-go, it’ gonna lead to confusion because you’re never going to know when one issue has been resolved or is getting better versus the other. it’s also challenging to determine which products are actually making a difference.

And in the long run, it’s only going to add more noise to the confusion and make you disheartened, kind of feeling like, “This is all crap; I need to go get a laser treatment instead.” And that’s just not the case.

So first and foremost, find out what your biggest problem is. Is it pigmentation? Is it redness? Is it acne? Is it dehydration? You name it. Figure that part out.

Then create a very, very simple and effective routine designed to address this concern, and stick to it for at least two months. Over the course of two months, as you notice that problem getting better, then you can start implementing products addressing other problems. But stick to them over the course of time, in addition to what you’ve already started.

By taking this approach, you establish a solid foundation for your skincare routine over time. Trust me, this method has proven effective time and time again , it has not failed me yet.

Mistake #2: Neglecting to Heed Your Skin’s Signals:

Photo Of Woman Touching Her Face

It’s essential to pay attention to your skin every day. You might be thinking, ” Scarlett , What do you mean, listen to your skin? We can only see our skin” Sure, but you’ve got to listen to it too. it’s not just about the actual act of seeing it but rather it’s about understanding its needs.

Listening to your skin means tuning in to how it feels, understanding it , and hearing it out because your skin is communicating and giving you cues every single day. It’s like going with the flow of your skin’s natural rhythm because your skin is a living, breathing organ.

For instance, some days your skin might feel irritated. Are you going to use an exfoliating acid that night, even though that’s the night you’re supposed to be exfoliating? Absolutely not. Are you going to be using a retinol that day if you’re supposed to be retinol-ing that day? You need to adjust your skincare routine based on how your skin feels each day.

Think of it like like having protein in your diet; You wouldn’t eat red meat every single day. That would harm your body over time. You want to establish some balance by mixing up your protein sources and include some red meat, some fish, some chicken, some other form of protein.

In essence, it’s about taking a long-term approach and being consistent with your skincare choices to support your skin’s health and well-being. I hope that analogy helps clarify things.

Mistake #3: Failing to Adjust Your Skincare for Your Environment:

Woman Seated on Textile Applying Suncsreen

Not adapting your skincare routine to your climate is another aspect that I believe should be emphasized. See, if you have oily skin in a super humid place, it’s not the same as having oily skin in a dry area. Similarly, if your skin is dry in a humid environment, it’s different from having dry skin in a very arid place.

This idea ties back to the importance of paying attention to your skin’s needs because you can have a solid routine and add moisturizers, basic moisturizers, and hydrating serums into that routine. it’s essential to adjust it based on your skin type and where you live. For instance, if you’re in a humid climate like Mississippi or Florida, get rid of the moisturizer. The sunscreen is probably going to be fine if you’re oily.

On the flip side, if you’re in a dry climate like Arizona, you’ll want to load up on moisturizing products. Think mists, serums, and rich moisturizers, in addition to focusing on the essentials for your skin type. Understanding your skin and your climate work hand in hand.

Mistake #4: Excessive Use of Hyaluronic Acid in Your Regimen:

A Person Applying Serum on Hands

Lot of people might hate me for this but Hyaluronic acid is not the holy grail humectant that the world and the beauty industry want you to believe it is. It just isn’t. The reality is, it’s pretty much in every product out there. So, it’s a good idea to use it moderately in your routine. Just like you wouldn’t want to dip kojic acid in every single step of your skincare routine, you don’t need to use hyaluronic acid in all seven steps either.

My issue with low molecular weight hyaluronic acid is that when your skin gets injured, this type of HA is released, triggering an inflammatory response that can lead to more inflammation and help in the healing process. If you use low molecular weight HA in every step of your routine, your skin is going to get slightly more inflamed in the long run.

Also you really don’t need to spend a fortune on a specific low molecular weight HA serum. Especially not one that costs like 300 bucks. That is highway robbery and just plain stupid. and just not worth it. Some things in the beauty industry are just overpriced and it’s important to call them out for it.

Mistake #5: Over-Exfoliating Your Skin:

Person Using Loofah Body Scrub Sponge on Leg

So, prior to the pandemic, no one really exfoliated. Then, suddenly, it seemed like everyone became exfoliation experts overnight, which led to some pretty alarming trends. And I don’t think we’ve completely taken our foot off the gas when it comes to exfoliation; people are still overdoing it.

The real issue lies in the difference between purposefully overdoing it with exfoliation, which is a big a hate crime, and accidentally overdoing it, which can be a real skincare disaster. A lot of products actually contain exfoliating acids in them, even if they’re not marketed as such. So, as a consumer, you have to know what ingredients to look out for.

Glycolic, lactic, mandelic, and salicylic acids are the classics when it comes to exfoliating acids. If you’re using a product like the U Beauty serum twice daily (which, by the way, I adore), plus you’re using an exfoliating acid, along maybe a toner with more exfoliants, and then adding yet another serum into the mix, you’re definitely overdoing it.

It’s important to take a step back and recognize what products contain exfoliating acids so you don’t overdo it and end up as a skincare tragedy in the process. Limit your exfoliation maximum three to four times a week, maximum, maximum, maximum.

And preferably, I prefer you guys to do it at night, after getting the day off your face, rather than in the morning, as it can make your skin more sensitive to the sun.

Mistake #6: Infrequent Changing of Pillowcases:

Person Holding White Textile on Bed

Not changing your pillowcases regularly – and I say this because you shouldn’t be wearing the same underwear 7 days in a row, you really shouldn’t – more than that is really bad. More than one day in my book is like, okay let’s talk, but ideally, you should be changing your underwear more regularly.

The same applies to your pillowcase. If you do not have the bandwidth to do so, there are tricks you can actually do.Firstly, try flipping your pillowcase to the other side.. One pillow has two sides, and if you flip it, That way, you’re using a fresh surface each night. If you want to take it a step further, you can even turn your pillowcase inside out for a slightly cleaner option, although it’s not as good as changing it entirely but it’s better than nothing.

Personally, I change my pillowcase twice a week. While I can’t always manage to flip it inside out every night, doing it once or twice a week is a good compromise. And if I am a drooler, I don’t want that drool, that spit, that whatever, living on my pillowcase to breed who knows what, and then to reintroduce that onto my skin the next night.

So, I do make an effort every night to figure out which side of the pillow I am using, and I do actually flip it and change my pillowcases twice a week. So, that is what I feel about pillowcases – take it or leave it. It’s more about hygiene than any proven acne benefits, but I have noticed differences not just in my skin and in my hair too , It’s a simple, low-risk habit that doesn’t cost much extra so pourquoi pas?

Mistake #7: Underestimating the Importance of Consistent Daily Skincare:

Crop unrecognizable young ethnic female in terry robe applying moisturizing cream on cheek while reflecting in mirror

Assuming that a laser treatment is going to be the end-all solution to all of your problems—and I say this because I posed the question to my practicing cosmetic dermatologist, who regularly performs laser treatments—one of the biggest things that pains my heart is when I see some people’s posts on skincare forums getting disappointed after just one session because it didn’t meet their high expectations.

However, relying solely on laser treatments isn’t wise and isn’t going to be the solution to your problems. The effectiveness of lasers depends greatly on consistent daily skincare habits.Having a skincare routine that mirrors the effects you are looking for from a laser treatment is going to be the best guarantee that you have that the laser treatment delivers and actually ensure long-lasting results.

For instance, if you’re considering a Fraxel treatment for hyperpigmentation but aren’t consistently addressing discoloration in your daily routine, the laser might not deliver the desired outcome so you’re basically wasting money on the Fraxel. So, before opting for a laser treatment, make sure that you are following a solid skincare specifically tailored to your concerns for at least 6 to 8 weeks. If you notice improvements during this time, then adding a laser treatment can further up your skincare game.

Just as you don’t visit the dentist once a year expecting perfect teeth without daily brushing, relying solely on occasional laser treatments won’t maintain healthy skin. Consistent skincare habits are key to long-term success. And yes, I hope you’re brushing your teeth daily!

Mistake #8: Skipping Daily Sunscreen Application:

A Bottle of Sunscreen on Popsicle Sticks

The last one, not wearing sunscreen, is probably the most important one and should have been number one. But I I saved it for last so you wouldn’t roll your eyes and dismiss it. But honestly is not wearing sunscreen is yeah, I have no other words, not wearing sunscreen is a big deal.

Sunscreen is is the one thing that is going to be proactively protective because it actively shields your skin. The The Sun is going to break down collagen, leading to premature wrinkles. The Sun is going worsen pigmentation, causing sunspots and discoloration. Over time, The Sun is going to weakens the collagen within your blood vessels i.e. leading to redness, broken capillaries on your face.

So when you think of Aging with brown spots, redness, weakened collagen, sagging, loss of volume, remember that a lot of it is also contributed by external factors. And one of the most constant external factors is the sun. Without it, life as we know it wouldn’t exist.

So, if you’re serious about taking care of your skin, and you’ve invested time and effort into your skincare routine by reading this article, then listen up: Wear the damn sunscreen. It’s your best bet for maintaining healthy skin in the long run.

The Bottom Line

I hope you guys enjoyed this article. I hope you took notes and understood what I’m trying to say.

If you’re making any of the mistakes mentioned in the article, now’s the time to adjust your skincare routine.

My reader’s feedback is important to me, so feel free to ask questions or share your thoughts. Don’t hesitate!

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