Get Your Glow On: 10 best Summer Moisturizers and Sun Protection Tips

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Hello Everyone , I’m back with another article. With May already here, we’re practically counting down the days till summer. Today, my focus is on providing you with the top summer skincare essentials for all skin types from best summer moisturizers to mists to serums—how to keep our skin hydrated and shielded from the sun during the warmer months. Let’s dive right in!

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Get Your Glow On: 10 best Summer Moisturizers and Sun Protection Tips
Get Your Glow On: 10 best Summer Moisturizers and Sun Protection Tips

Best Mists for Oily Skin

For those of you with oily skin, especially if you’re wearing a mask, skip the heavy moisturizers. Instead, I recommend you opt for misters.. They can be a game-changer, especially in the summertime. I’m not worried about it drying out your skin because the air’s humidity helps.

However, if you’re in a very dry climate, misting might not be the best move unless you lock in the moisture. So, just keep the climate your climate in mind when thinking about your skin type. But if you’re oily in a humid place, a mist might more than enough just to get your skin going, at least throughout the day.

My top pick is the Thermal Spring Water Face Mist Spray by Avéne. It is extremely lightweight. Avéne prides itself on having sort of calming, soothing properties. and according to the company itself, the water that they source their water from has anti-redness property and soothing properties . Another option is the Vichy mineral spray water, rich in 15 minerals. If you can’t find Avéne, Vichy is a great alternative. I prefer the travel-size option for portability.

And finally, for those who aren’t sensitive but want extra hydration or enjoy scents, Weleda’s sheer hydration moisture mist is perfect. this one is more of a spritz, and it does make you feel like you just went to a spa.

So, these are three misting sprays that I would recommend.

best Serums for Moderate Skin ?

If you have skin that’s not too oily or too dry—let’s say somewhere in between—I recommend a lightweight hydrating serum.

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One I really like is the Aveeno Calm and Restore Triple O Serum. It’s packed with oats, known for their calming and soothing properties, making it super hydrating and perfect for sensitive skin or that in-between type. I usually avoid applying it around my mouth and chin to prevent trapping moisture and potentially causing issues like maceration or perioral dermatitis.

Another great option I recently discovered is the Summer Fridays CC Me Serum. It’s loaded with niacinamide and a type of vitamin C, which provides hydration and protection, ideal for those with combination skin or those looking for a serum to wear under sunscreen.

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The third serum I recommend is the Avéne Hydrance Intense. It’s glycerin-based and contains rose water, so if you’re sensitive to scents, it might not be the best choice for you. In that case, the Aveeno serum would be a better fit.

These are my top picks for hydrating serums that cater to different skin types and preferences.

best summer Moisturizers

Now let’s talk about summer moisturizers. One of my go-tos is the Aveeno Calm + Restore Oat Gel Moisturizer. I’ve been using it consistently since last November, and I keep coming back to it, so I think that is a testament to it. I love its consistency; it is a gel moisturizer, and it’s thicker than the hydrating serum , it’s very calming and soothing, so if you do have redness or inflammation or sensitive skin, I would opt for this. It also glides beautifully on top of your skin and a little goes a long way.

Another favorite is the Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre I originally bought it from France but they actually sell it now at Costco. it’s a nice lightweight moisturizer. but If you are on the oilier side, I would not recommend it because it can just kind of slick and slide around your face. But I love it for the summer because it just gives enough slip to give you that extra sense of hydration without being overly tacky. Plus, it’s a great primer for makeup.

best sunscreen for the summer

If you’re someone who dreads the idea of layering products on your face during scorching summer days, I get it. The heat, the sweat, the oiliness—it’s a recipe for feeling like you’re melting. My advice? Stick to sunscreen. Just slather on that SPF. For extra protection and to enhance the effectiveness of your sunscreen, consider adding an antioxidant serum underneath, like a vitamin C serum. It not only boosts your sunscreen’s performance but also shields your skin all day long.

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Now, I get that some folks prefer a minimalist approach, and if that’s you, I hear you loud and clear. So, let’s talk sunscreen preferences. Personally, I’m not a fan of chemical sunscreens. Sure, everything’s technically a chemical, but I’m talking about those with avobenzone, octabenzone, octisalate, and the like. I lean towards mineral sunscreens, especially zinc and titanium-based ones. Why? Well, I have sensitive eyes, and in the summer heat, regular sunscreen can wander into my eyes, causing irritation. Mineral options tend to be gentler in that department.

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Now, onto my top picks. First up, Super Goop’s Zinc Screen. It’s slightly tinted, which I appreciate, and the zinc base blends in seamlessly. It’s my go-to for a reason—it just works.

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Then there’s SkinCeuticals’ Sheer Physical UV Defense. They offer a tinted version, but I’m referring to the non-tinted one here. I wouldn’t recommend it for those with darker skin tones, as it tends to leave a noticeable white or ashy cast. However, for fairer complexions like mine, it gets the job done. But if you do have a darker skin tone, trust me, the tinted version blends much better and feels lighter on the skin surprisingly.

Finally , there’s this Australian brand called Cancer Council that I’m testing out—they offer a chemical-based sunscreen , I won’t go ahead and recommend you start using it yet but I must admit it is surprisingly gentle around my eyes. I’ll keep you posted on how it holds up once the mercury rises.

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Remember, if there’s one thing you should never skip, it’s sunscreen . These are my top choices because they don’t mess with my eyes.

The Bottom Line

I hope this helped you learn something new today. Feel free to leave any questions or feedback in the comments. I truly value my readers’ input.

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