Top 20 Best Serums In The Market of 2024

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Good morning everyone ! In today’s article, I want to talk about my top serums for 2024. I’ve got 20 different ones sorted into different categories to help you out. No time to waste, let’s jump right in!

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Top 20 Best Serums In The Market of 2024
Top 20 Best Serums In The Market of 2024

Best Serums with Glycerin

Let’s start off with a tried and true favorite of mine: Aveeno’s “Common Restore Oat Serum.” this glycerin-based hydrating serum is a staple in my routine. Though I must admit, I’m not a fan of its dropper applicator – it’s just not practical. Thankfully, swapping it out for a pump top.

Despite its lightweight feel, it packs a hydrating punch, making it perfect for those long days masked up. and winter, it’s essential to find a balance between hydration and breathability, and this serum strikes that balance beautifully. If your skin tends to lean on the drier side, layering it with a thicker moisturizer can work wonders.

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Next up is Avéne’s glycerin-based hydrating serum. Unlike Aveeno’s, this one comes with a pump, which is a definite improvement. However, it does have a hint of rose fragrance, so if you’re sensitive to scents, it’s something to be cautious about. But if redness is a concern for you, this serum might be worth a try, as it’s formulated to soothe and calm irritated skin.

Now, onto a new discovery for me: Dieux’s Deliverance Serum. Priced around $69, it’s a bit of a splurge, but its blend of glycerin, hemp complex, and water lily complex makes it worth considering. Not only does it hydrate, but it also helps to calm and soothe the skin. Plus, its lightweight formula makes it a joy to use. So, there you have it – my top picks for hydrating serums.

Best Serums with niacinamide

Let’s talk about niacinamide serums for a moment, because when it comes to skincare, more isn’t always better.

My personal standout is the “Super Pure Niacinamide Serum” by Glossier, priced at around $28. What sets it apart is its formulation—it hits the sweet spot with around 5 percent niacinamide and includes zinc, which works wonders in soothing irritation. Think of it like the magic in baby diaper paste; it calms redness and irritation like a charm. The combination of niacinamide and zinc is just perfect, and it leaves no residue, which is a major plus for me.

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Now, I might sound a bit silly, but I can’t help but have a soft spot for the one by Alpha-H, purely because of its color. It’s silly, I know, but sometimes you just crave something that sparks a bit of imagination, and this one does it for me. And hey, it’s also got that magic 5% niacinamide. This gem will set you back $64.

Best Serums with Snail Mucin

Now, onto something I haven’t shared with you yet – the Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence. It’s a bit of a misnomer because it leans more towards a serum than what you’d typically think of as an essence.

Essences usually conjure up images of lightweight, watery textures, but this one has more substance to it. It’s a nod to the classic K-beauty belief in the restorative and healing properties of snail slime. I can attest to its hydrating effects.

Using it before moisturizer seems to enhance the absorption of subsequent products. Plus, a little goes a long way, making the bottle last for months. It boasts betaine for regulating cell water balance, although it does include sodium hyaluronate, which isn’t my top pick.

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Nonetheless, if you’re going to have it in a product, this one’s worth considering, especially if it clears space for better formulations in your skincare routine.

Best Serums with Glycolic acid

Shifting gears, let’s dive into a selection of glycolic acid serums that I’m excited to discuss. If you’ve been following along, you’re probably aware of my affinity for glycolic acid. It’s a standout among exfoliating acids for me because of its ability to penetrate deeply, breaking down superficial dead skin cells while also boasting regenerative properties.

Over time, it contributes to collagen regeneration, making it a multi-faceted skincare ally. Additionally, it serves as a humectant, offering a subtle plumping effect and instantly enhancing the appearance of firmer skin.

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I absolutely love the product from L’Oréal’s Vitalift Derm Intensives line, particularly the one with 10% Glycolic Acid. It doesn’t boast any brightening effects; essentially, it’s glycolic acid in a glycerin base, fragrance-free, which means you only need a small amount each time.

I prefer using it before bed; it has a slightly viscous texture, but the immediate hydration it provides is unbeatable. Remember to reserve it for nighttime use as it heightens sun sensitivity, so layer on that sunscreen in the morning.

La Roche-Posay also offers an intriguing glycolic acid solution, known as their B5 Serum Dark Spot Corrector. What sets this product apart is its blend of 10% glycolic acid with brightening agents like tranexamic acid and kojic acid, providing a potent two-in-one treatment.

However, it does come with a distinct odor, so if you’re sensitive to fragrances, it might not be ideal, but if you don’t care, I would go for this baby. You can get it at any Duane Reade, Walgreens, CVS, and it can definitely exfoliate while brightening your skin.

Again, I would use it only at night and skip the morning use because it’s going to make you more sun-sensitive.

Best Serums for brightening :

If you’re someone with a high sensitivity threshold and can’t handle glycolic acid or other brightening agents, but still want to even out your skin tone, SkinCeuticals offers a solution: Discoloration Defense. Priced at approximately $98, this product combines niacinamide for repairing the skin barrier, tranexamic acid similar to that found in La Roche-Posay, and lantoyne for soothing.

So, if you’re looking for something to brighten that isn’t as irritating as the La Roche-Posay, I would look at the SkinCeuticals Discoloration Defense.

So, let’s talk about another serum that can help brighten your skin. It’s pretty hard to find this one in stores right now. I got it a while back but haven’t tried it yet. It’s called the Differen Dark Spot Correcting Serum and it has 2 percent hydroquinone.

They’re not selling hydroquinone over the counter anymore. But my fiancé had a patient who found it in a store in Chicago, maybe Walmart or Walgreens. So, it’s around in Chicago.

Hydroquinone is really good for making your skin tone even. If you can find this serum, grab it. The one with 2 percent hydroquinone isn’t the strongest you can get without a prescription; it’s actually pretty mild. Usually, you’d want a stronger one with a prescription. This serum is thick but not too thick, kind of like water. It has a slight smell. If you can’t get a prescription, this is your best bet for dealing with melasma.

Here’s a tip: Don’t just use hydroquinone on one spot. If you’re using it for, say, acne scars that make your skin darker, use it on your whole face. Otherwise, you might end up with light spots, and that’s not a good look. So, I wouldn’t recommend using it that way. But Differen is a good choice if you have melasma.

Best Serums with Retinol

Now, let’s talk about retinol serums, starting with Shani Darden’s. I really like her Retinol Reform. It costs $88. It comes in a pump bottle, which is convenient. This serum is milder compared to other retinols because it contains encapsulated retinol mixed with lactic acid, which helps brighten and even out your skin tone. It also has antioxidants like green tea extract and rosemary leaf extract to protect your skin.

It’s a thick, yellow-based lotion that feels light on the skin and doesn’t have a strong smell. I haven’t experienced any irritation using this one. So, if you’re interested in trying retinol but are hesitant, this could be a good option to start with. It’s a bit expensive, but it might be worth it to give it a try.

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If you don’t want to spend a lot, L’Oréal has a gentle retinol cream for about $88. It’s good for beginners. I’ve tried it many times. It’s thick and white. What I like is it’s not too harsh on the skin. I’ve also tried SkinCeuticals’ retinol creams in different strengths, but they were stronger. L’Oréal’s is gentler.

The only downside is the pump packaging, which I don’t like. I use it at night. If you’re worried about irritation, you can apply moisturizer first. Between L’Oréal and Shani Darden for beginners, I’d choose L’Oréal. Shani Darden is fancier and more expensive, but it’s also good.

If you’re looking for something like retinol but not exactly retinol, there’s a product called Ole Henriksen’s Glow Cycle Retin-ALT Power Serum. It costs $60. It doesn’t have retinol, but it claims to give your skin a nice glow instantly. It has bakuchiol, glycolic acid, lactic acid, and licorice root extract. These ingredients are supposed to brighten your skin.

The serum has a nice texture and a lavender color. Lavender is often associated with improving skin pigmentation. I’ve used it a few times during the day, even though it has glycolic and lactic acid. It gives a nice glow to my skin. If I don’t have my sunscreen, I sometimes put this on before moisturizer for a natural shimmer. Overall, it’s a good product for $60.

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Best Serums with Vitamin C

When it comes to sunscreen, my routine always begins with applying vitamin C. Why? Because it’s among the most potent antioxidants available, significantly enhancing the effectiveness of your sunscreen. So, what are my go-to vitamin C products? Well, I’ve previously mentioned Sunday Riley’s CEO Rapid Flash Brightening Serum. It features tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, ideal for those with sensitive skin who might struggle with ascorbic acid, the active form of vitamin C.

So, there’s this product that’s crossed my radar recently, something I haven’t really delved into with you all before, but I found it quite intriguing. It’s No. 7’s Radiance Plus, a 15% vitamin C serum featuring 3-O-ethyl ascorbic acid, essentially an ethylated version of vitamin C.

Let me tell you, the dropper on this thing is ridiculously long. No. 7, we appreciate the effort, but we don’t need a dropper that stretches to infinity. Nevertheless, it’s virtually scentless and remarkably lightweight, akin to L’Oréal’s glycolic acid serum.

Now, the ethylated form of vitamin C is a bit of a hidden gem, one I haven’t covered in my previous vitamin C article . I might have to revisit that article and give it a little update. It’s a notably stable and promising iteration of our beloved vitamin C superstar. What’s more, it holds its stability in both water and oil, making it one to keep an eye on.

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And finally, if you’re on the hunt for a tolerable, lovable ascorbic acid, I highly recommend the Phloretin CF Gel by SkinCeuticals. It comes in a sleek metallic pump, shielding it entirely from sunlight exposure and oxidation. I personally adore its formulation, containing 10 percent ascorbic acid along with phloretin and ferulic acid, potent antioxidants that enhance the efficacy of vitamin C. So, there you have it—my top three picks for vitamin C serums.

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More Targeted Serums

Now, let’s segue into some other last-minute targeted products that, well, I simply can’t resist mentioning. If you’re familiar with me, you’ll know that I’m perpetually striving for balanced pigmentation. To me, achieving an even skin tone is akin to achieving perfection, because regardless of any lines or wrinkles, if your skin tone isn’t uniform, all the Botox or filler in the world won’t make much of a difference.

Paula’s Choice offers their 10 percent azelaic acid formulation, which stands out to me because working with azelaic acid can be quite challenging. Its tendency to pill complicates the formulation process. Therefore, when using it as a targeted corrective or treatment serum, you’re employing it purposefully, not merely mixing it with other products that might cause pilling.

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I suggest applying it before moisturizing at night. Don’t be alarmed if you experience a slight peeling effect; it’s a normal part of the azelaic acid process. This formulation not only contains 10 percent azelaic acid but also incorporates licorice root extract, which aids in balancing pigmentation. While it does have a slightly unusual scent, it’s all part of the experience.

Next up, let’s talk about this product. It’s a bit on the expensive side. It’s perfect for treating someone special in your life—like your mom, grandma, aunt, or partner. SkinMedica’s TNS Recovery Complex is definitely a splurge. I mean, it’s the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought! It costs $200. Yep, that’s right, $200! But trust me, it’s worth it.

It has growth factors in it. These growth factors come from human cells, but don’t worry, there’s no actual human tissue in it. Scientists grow these factors in a lab, kind of like making copies of them in a petri dish. So, while it’s not made of human tissue, these growth factors are like messages that tell your cells to communicate, helping them grow and heal wounds.

If you’ve had skin cancer before, be cautious, but there isn’t solid proof yet. The research is ongoing, so be careful. But if you’re dealing with fine lines around your eyes, this could be good for you. It might also work well on your neck if you need something stronger and can’t handle retinol. It’s great for the neck and chest.

Finally, there’s Dr. Jart’s Cicapair Serum. If you’ve got redness going on underneath, this stuff is a winner. Yeah, it’s in one of those annoying dropper bottles, but trust me, it’s the best one out there. This dropper is super reliable, unlike some others I’ve tried. Plus, the serum itself has a greenish tint that helps tone down any redness in your skin. So, not only does it calm your skin with its sika ingredient, but it also works to neutralize that pesky redness.

The bottom line

And that’s my list of about 20 of my favorite serums from 2024! Hope you enjoyed this article. If there are any serums you love that I didn’t mention, feel free to share their names!

My readers’ feedback matters to me. If you have any questions or thoughts, please leave a comment below.

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