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10 bad Skincare Habits To Break In Summer for healthy skin

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Good morning, everyone! In today’s article, I want to talk about the bad skincare habits that really need to go, especially as we approach summer. It’s surprising to me that some of these habits are still common, considering the potential harm they can do to your skin. If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, I hope you’ve started to pick up on these things. Let’s dive in and uncover the 10 bad Skincare Habits To Break In Summer for healthy skin.

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10 bad Skincare Habits To Break In Summer for healthy skin
10 bad Skincare Habits To Break In Summer for healthy skin

skincare habit #1 : Blindly following skincare trends .

One common skincare habit that’s better off left behind is blindly following trends. It’s a message I’ve emphasized time and time again, most recently during the skin cycling trend frenzy last fall.

Many folks eagerly adopt trends thinking they’re easy fixes, but they often overlook whether those trends suit their skin’s unique needs. I’ve seen friends and family members who usually use retinols without issue suddenly develop blackheads when they tried skin cycling and reduced their retinol use, even though their skin relied on regular retinol application.

On the flip side, some folks with sensitive skin might benefit from cycling, as they can’t handle daily retinol use. Take, for example, the hype around Hailey Bieber’s peptide revelation with Rode Beauty this year. Many rushed to try peptides, but not all peptides are the same, and what works for one person might not work for another.

Ultimately, the golden rule of skincare is finding what works for you. What’s effective for you might not be for someone else, so it’s crucial to tailor your routine to your skin’s unique needs.

skincare habit #2 : relying on SPF in makeup (it’s not enough) :

It’s concerning that I have to stress this, but relying solely on SPF in makeup isn’t a reliable way to protect your skin. Let’s be real, nobody’s slathering on two full finger lengths of foundation with SPF 20, which, by the way, isn’t sufficient coverage for your whole face. Can you imagine trying to pull that off without looking like you’ve caked on too much? Unless you’re someone who genuinely layers on that much foundation daily, then hey, do your thing, but let’s circle back to Habit number one.

For most of us, simply dabbing on foundation lightly isn’t going to cut it in terms of sunscreen or sun protection. We should stop relying on makeup to shield us from the sun and instead find a sunscreen we like and actually use. Remember, not all sunscreens are the same, so it’s worth reading up on the topic—I even have a whole sunscreen guide to help you out.

Now, my fiancé showed me a TikTok today where some guy claimed sunscreens are all made up of fake chemicals. Firstly, I’m not even sure what a “fake chemical” is, but there are tons of different types of sunscreens out there, and last time I checked, zinc and titanium have been around since the dawn of time. So, I wouldn’t exactly call them “fake.” What’s definitely “fake” is that guy, who seems like a scammer with no skincare knowledge. He misleads his followers with false beliefs, even when called out. But let’s get back to the topic: self-proclaimed ‘skincare gurus’ aren’t our focus today.

skincare habit #3 : pimple picking

If you’re someone who can’t resist picking at your skin, it’s time to break that habit pronto. Picking at your face, especially when you’ve got acne or redness, only makes matters worse. It ramps up the inflammation, leading to more discoloration, scars, and uneven skin texture. So, if there’s one thing you can do for your skin, it’s to find something else to keep your hands busy, like a stress ball or a fidget spinner. Trust me, it’ll save your skin in the long run. And if you’re tempted to squeeze those pimples after seeing satisfying videos online, think again. It’s not worth the risk.

skincare habit #4 : overstripping your skin barrier

Stop over-stripping your skin barrier. What does this mean? You don’t need to scrub away at it constantly. Your skin’s like a self-repairing machine—it needs time to heal and make new skin cells.

If you’re always exfoliating, especially with strong stuff, you could end up irritating your skin. That’s a big no-no because irritated skin ages faster and can look uneven and red. So, ease up on the scrubbing and exfoliating, especially with harsh chemicals or rough physical scrubs. Your face doesn’t need that kind of rough treatment. Instead, go for gentler methods. Save the rough stuff for your body, not your face.

And seriously, if you’re still using those old-school harsh scrubs from the ’80s, it’s time to upgrade! There are way better options out there now. If you need tips on washing your face the right way, I’ve got an article for you—it’s time for a skin care refresh!

skincare habit #5 : double dipping ingredients in your routine

Okay, so, imagine you’re at a party and you see someone double-dipping their chips. Not a big deal if they’re flipping to a fresh side, right? But when it comes to your skincare routine, doubling up on ingredients isn’t necessary.

You don’t need niacinamide in your toner, serum, eye cream, face cream, and mist every day. Just a balanced routine is all you need. Your face isn’t a buffet; loading it up with every skincare ingredient isn’t ideal. Keep it simple and focused on what your skin needs.

Having two vitamin C products in your routine? Not necessary. Your skincare routine should be about using the right products thoughtfully, not piling on the same stuff in different steps. Be mindful of what you’re putting on your skin and how it benefits you.

skincare habit #6 : forgetting your neck, chest (and hands)

The face, neck, and chest are like a package deal in skincare. If you’re only paying attention to your face, you might find yourself in a situation like Diane Keaton, who’s often seen wearing turtlenecks to cover up. But let’s get real here—you need to treat your neck and chest just as well as your face. These areas are visible whenever you’re wearing anything that shows them off, like shirts, t-shirts, or tank tops. Ignoring your neck and chest while keeping your face flawless just doesn’t work; you’ll end up looking unbalanced.

So, it’s really important to include them in your skincare routine. And here’s a little bonus tip: I always make sure to apply some extra product on the back of my hands. Don’t just stop at your face; take care of your neck, chest, and even the back of your hands for all-around good skincare.

skincare habit #7: falling asleep with makeup

Woman Holding Eye Makeup Brush

Stop falling asleep with your makeup on. Trust me, I’ve been there. Breaking this habit took me years. I’d often slip up, especially on those exhausting days when it feels impossible. I remember those nights in school when I’d collapse into bed after a long week, makeup still on. I kept makeup wipes by my bedside for emergencies, but let’s be real—they don’t really do the job. They’re okay in a pinch, like if you need a quick fix, but they won’t thoroughly clean your skin. So, while they might offer temporary relief in a makeup emergency, they’re not a substitute for proper cleansing.

skincare habit #8 : following trends in cosmetic procedures

African American female with long dark curly hair washing cheeks with facial foam on gray background

Cosmetic procedures can sometimes feel like the latest trend, but just like fashion, what’s in today might be out tomorrow. It’s crucial to think critically before jumping into any new procedure that hits the market. Ask yourself if it’s something you truly want.

For instance, let’s talk about a popular trend back in 2018: buckle fat pad removal. People were opting for this procedure to slim down their cheeks for a specific aesthetic. However, there’s a trade-off involved. As you age, you have to decide where you want to retain fat – in your face or elsewhere. Your face might look more defined, but your body might carry a bit more weight, and that’s perfectly fine. Alternatively, you can choose to maintain a fuller face but potentially lose some definition elsewhere. The idea of conforming to a certain look, like the “heroin chic” trend, isn’t suitable for everyone, and I certainly don’t endorse it.

Interestingly, removing fat pads from your face can actually accelerate the aging process. It might seem counterintuitive, but it’s something I see regularly. Essentially, there are two ways your face can age: either by losing volume or by sagging when volume decreases. From what I’ve observed, individuals who experience sagging tend to age more gracefully over time compared to those who experience significant volume loss. They typically require fewer procedures to maintain a youthful appearance as they age. So, while looking chiseled and defined might be appealing in your twenties, it’s essential to consider the long-term effects as you enter your thirties, forties, and beyond.

skincare habit #9 : trying to get a bargain for your face

Side view of blond woman in white blouse standing in bathroom looking closely at face skin in small mirror

Steer clear of Groupon deals for cosmetic procedures. Your face isn’t a bargain bin item; it’s unique and deserves careful attention. Just like in a kitchen, too many ‘chefs’ can lead to chaos. You need to trust the person working on your face. While it’s fine to score discounted shoes, your face isn’t something to skimp on.

A good cosmetic professional should look at your skin and features in a holistic way, considering factors like texture, volume, proportions, color, and overall skin quality. Avoid treatments that focus solely on one aspect, like overly plumping lips while neglecting the rest of your face.

Remember, it’s your face that bears the consequences, not your wallet. Often, people don’t even realize how odd they look over time because they’ve grown accustomed to it. Find a professional you trust and stick with them for consistent, natural results

skincare habit #10 : putting off seeing a derm

Happy woman removing face mask after taking bath

Don’t delay seeing a dermatologist. I get it—everyone feels like they’re their own doctor these days, and there’s a ton of information floating around. But here’s the truth: not everything you read online is accurate. Let’s be real, there comes a point where you can only do so much on your own, especially if you’re dealing with acne, eczema, or irritated skin. You might be trying to get your skin healthy ASAP, but there’s only so far over-the-counter products can take you.

Sure, over-the-counter skincare can work wonders and really transform your skin. But if you’re at a point where you need some serious help, don’t hesitate to see a certified dermatologist in your area. Even though I’m not a doctor, I understand that sometimes, despite all the skincare knowledge out there, the real solution lies in a doctor’s office.

I speak from experience—I’m actually engaged to a board-certified dermatologist. People like my fiancé have dedicated over a decade to studying skin and how to treat it, all to make your skin better. So, if you’re feeling hopeless and don’t know where to turn, seek out a doctor who can guide you on your skincare journey.

Just as I might be skilled in flying a plane compared to my fiancé( even though he took some flying lessons in his spare time), I can never excel in diagnosing skin conditions as he can. Each of us has our own area of expertise. So, remember, while people like me can help you understand your skin better and what you’re dealing with, it’s the dermatologist who has the expertise to diagnose and treat your skin conditions effectively.

The Bottom line

So these were the 10 bad Skincare Habits I’m begging you to work on breaking by the summer for healthy skin , By steering clear of these habits, I promise you’ll see the best results.

Have you made any of these mistakes before? If so, let me know in the comments.

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